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iRecruit is the only platform in the world that learns who you really are, what you want to do, and then delivers personalised matches right to you – no more searching or applying.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Are you a recruitment firm?

No, we’re a tech company who aim to make the process of finding a job & hiring talent smarter, faster, and more effective. iRecruit is an app that everyone can use to find their dream job or candidate.

What’s the difference between iRecruit and a job board?

With iRecruit, you build your profile – like LinkedIn or Facebook – and our algorithm finds open positions that match you and they appear on your Swipe Feed. No more searching, no more resumes. That’s just one reason why we’re better, there’s many more.

So you’re like a Tinder for jobs?

Not really. The swipe feed is similar, yes, but everything else is much more comprehensive. There’s robust profiles, information, and functionalities that are needed for people looking to hire/looking for a job.

Why would I use this instead of LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is not primarily for finding a job – it’s a networking site. All of the functions in iRecruit are geared towards talent and employers being matched together accurately. Also, iRecruit doesn’t let anyone send you personal messages or spam you with requests unless you’ve already shown interest in them.

How much does it cost?

iRecruit is completely free to use, and always will be for all users. Employers only pay for credits, which they use to“Connect” to a candidate when they’re interested in hiring them.

Is this for talent or employers?

Both – iRecruit was built with the whole scope in mind. You’ll select your user type when creating your account, but you can have both an employer and talent account. Recruiters will be catered to with a specialised app down the track, too.

Do your jobs come from external sites and job boards?

All of our open positions are directly made by employers using iRecruit – we don’t (and never will) gather and re-post job listings from job boards.

How long til the Web Application is available?

The web application is in production and is planned to be released September-October 2016!